We clean ALL sorts of bins for MANY different businesses!

The Bin Cleaning Company’s services can be tailored to the customers’ needs. Here is a quick insight into how we do what we do:

  1. Cleaning on Bin exterior, with no discharge of detergents or contaminants to storm water drains.
  2. Removal of all solid waste remaining inside the Bin after empty. This is bagged and sealed and placed back in the Bin following the cleaning process for disposal next empty.
  3. Interior treatment with approved bio degradable detergent – All surfaces are covered with the solution, then scrubbed. The detergent is applied at minimal concentration.
  4. The detergent dissolves grease and fatty substances. The Bin then receives a full high volume/low pressure water blast with the contaminants and wash water filtered and returned to the wash unit with discharge to storm water. This system minimises atomisation of the wash water to the air.
  5. A full strength application of sanitiser is applied to all surfaces of the Bin. This combined with the powerful biodegradable wash agent ensures comprehensive bacteria kill.
  6. The sanitiser has a distinctive aroma that discourages flies and other insects, helping to maintain efficacy between regular service visits and leaving the Bin odour free.